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Product Relaxation - Affirmation MP3
Relaxation - Affirmation MP3 with Brainwave Entrainment Charles guides you into a deep relaxed state of mind and body with affirmation to help you reprogram your mind. RESEARCH: In 2000, a study was conducted among employees at a Dutch addiction care center to investigate the possible effects of alpha brain wave stimulation on stress and anxiety. Subjects in the experiment were given a single stimulation session using 5 minutes of 30 Hz stimulation followed by 35 minutes of 10 Hz stimulation. Before and after the session, all of the subjects completed Spielberger's State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) test, which is an evaluation tool that is very widely used to determine stress and anxiety levels. Those who received the stimulation showed a significant, immediate decrease in state anxiety after the sessions, and this effect was consistently demonstrated across 4 tests- the alpha stimulation resulted in lower stress levels every time.
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