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“If you’re looking to make a positive change in your life –personally or professionally – Charles can help you make the shift to a positive, successful and VICTORIOUS life! I’ve known for some time that the way I think (my internal roadmap as Charles calls it) was holding me back.  I needed a coach who could help me get past the beliefs that weren’t serving me – and I had quite a few of them!  During my sessions, Charles challenged these beliefs and open my eyes to a new, more productive way of thinking.  We worked through a number of personal and professional items.  I have a much clearer picture of what I want out of my business and my life.  I recommend the Victorious Living System to anyone who is feeling ‘stuck’ but understands that they can create the life they’ve always wanted with the right tools and the right coach.” 
Liz Hersh, Owner of Hersh PR and Marketing

I was at a point in my life that I knew something had to change. I had tried over the past several years to change my life, improve my relationships, and have a more positive outlook, but I had not been successful with any positive, sustainable changes. Charles'  Victorious Living System was everything I had been looking for!  A counselor that listened to me and then retold me what I had shared or experienced would not be enough to change my life. I was very much aware of what was affecting me, but I did not know how to change how it affected me. Charles gave me an understanding of how my past had been woven into my present and how I had created patterns that could be broken by using tools that would help me create the future I wanted to live. Charles did more than just regurgitate my feelings and the information I shared with him. He helped me to understand who I was, why I had become that way, and exactly how to become the 'me' that I so desperately wanted to become! 
Candace Williams, Executive Director 

I have had the privilege of working with Charles Eduardos for several months. I sought his services to help me clarify my business and personal goals. Through his work, I was able to refocus my energies and to better define my goals, which has resulted in a renewed desire to use my talents, skills and time to improve my family and myself, and to make a positive contribution to activities in which I participate. 
Jacklyn Chisholm, Ph.D.,Chief Executive Officer at Global Black Music Center

As an Engineer, I tend to look for results and good one only, I came across Charles profile and to be honest, what people said was too good to be true, so I said lets give it a shot. As soon as I sat with him, I realized that this box won't fit the enjoyable experience every person has and after few times I saw dramatic change and the performance boosted ten fold. It was smart decision to choose to work with Charles. 
Mohamed Abdelgayed, Hydraulics Design Engineer at JLG Industries

Charles is a superlative coach. His deep listening skills coupled with an ability to often ask the perfect question at the perfect time makes him an invaluable sounding board, guide and partner in success!
Craig Kennedy, Associate at Peak Experiences

There’s no need to look any further for a coach, you’ve just found the best in Charles Eduardos. I sit here now in total disbelief that everything we worked on is now a part of my life.  I’m getting married (we have the honor of Charles officiating our wedding), the parts of my life and career I did not like are gone or well on the way to being gone, and the things I wanted in my life are in now in my hands.  They belong to me.  I highly recommend Charles as a coach to anyone that’s serious about getting their career, their life, and their relationships on track and having all of these working productively and harmoniously together.  It’s the best money I ever spent! 
Sari Miles, Sales Professional

My experience with Charles Eduardos was my first encounter with coaching.  I had used friends and mentors to try to accomplish the same goals, but felt like I could never open up and be accountable for my true potential.  Within minutes of my first consultation with Mr. Eduardos, I felt very comfortable with the potential to make giant steps of progress through his coaching.  Whatever my expectations, they were exceeded.  He listened intently and subtly guided me in the direction of progress in relations, spirituality, and business.  We have all read a book, heard a speech or maybe a song that inspired or motivated us only to allow that momentum to slip away like a fad diet.  Charles kept the motivation and enthusiasm in the forefront to keep me on track on a consistent basis.  I would highly recommend coaching for anyone wanting better results in any area.  I cannot imagine a more capable coach than Charles Eduardos. 
Dennis Maxwell, Maxwell Brothers Construction

"Working with Charles has been not only motivational, but inspirational. After seven years as a part of senior management at the operational level of a large financial institution, I was asked to take a management position in sales due to an organizational restructuring. With the daunting task of forming, organizing and leading a sales team in growing the market share of mortgage loans, I lacked a plan and direction. The coaching sessions with Charles have been instrumental in unleashing my creative side and reminding me of what value I bring to my organization. Charles is an attentive listener, who gives a different perspective to perceived barriers. He doesn't claim to or give answers. His probing questions would draw me to form constructive thoughts that would lead me to develop a plan to remove whatever obstacle I found most challenging... He will hold you to task. The experience has surpassed my greatest expectations. I can't and don't expect to travel down my career path without Charles."
Rene' Cooper - Banking Executive

Have you ever felt "stuck"...knowing that you have the gifts and talents to do great things, but were unable to get past a certain point? I've felt this way many times before. However, "Pastor C" (Charles Eduardos) helped me to recognize, come to terms with, and now "rewrite" those life scripts that served to hinder my progress. I now have the ability to think from a fresh perspective with a renewed mind. Not only has he provided me with the tools to be more successful in my business, I am able to apply what I've learned to enhance my personal development as well! Pastor C is awesome! I recommend that you contact him today! 
Angie Eichelberger - Leading Change Through Positive Youth Development and Life Enhancement

 “Charles is my “Victory Mind Mapper”. He uses his gifts and talents in hypnotherapy and NLP to help me grow in my Christian faith and work through barriers and strongholds. He allows me to have a personal encounter with Jesus in a way that is transformational. His scripture meditation products can help you be “transformed by the renewing of your mind” too. I have never encountered a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner that so fully and effectively integrates the Christian faith in his work. I highly recommend Charles and his products for helping you break free and draw closer to God. 
Patty Sadallah - Management Consultant & Coach

"Dynamic, motivational and realistic." That's the best way I can describe the energy Charles brought to our Leadership Warner class. I was thoroughly impressed by his knowledge and look forward to working with him again."
Ted Beltavski, Operations Director - R.E. Warner & Associate, Inc.

"All of my interactions with Charles have been extremely positive. He is an energized, hard-working and very personable individual, who relates well to people from all walks of life. He motivates people to work together toward a common goal."
United States Attorneys Office


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