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Why not give yourself a fresh start. 
Discover how your mind operates,
and start operating your mind.
Start creating the life of your dreams. 

You are the creator of your life experience. Are you creating what you really want?
I'll help you discover the programs that are running in your background (subconscious).
Just like a computer, they are operating and you have no conscious awareness of them.
Are they serving you? Are they producing the outcomes you want in your life?
How much is it costing you to stay the way you have always been?

Are you committed to operating consistently and consciously from your Power Zone? Call me!

Do you want to change your Life? - Then change your mind!


Welcome...  As a client, you have privileged access to certain information, resources, and tools that we will use to support you within the coaching/hypnotherapy process.  This “private client area” will give you access to various forms and documents that we will be utilizing during our coaching/hypnotherapy sessions. These resources will help ensure that you get the most from your coaching/hypnotherapy experience.  To get started, please refer to the information detailed below…


The Key to Conscious Transformation 
Online Program

Transform Your Thinking

This 8 module, online program will systematically raise your awareness of how your mind works and empower you to more effectively take charge of your life. 

Change Your Life Today

In this secured, confidential site, you will be able to:

  • Access my calendar to view, schedule or reschedule appointments
  • Record and check progress on your goals
  • Prepare for each coaching/hypnotherapy session
  • Evaluate your coaching/hypnotherapy experience
  • Review the terms in the coaching/hypnotherapy agreement
  • Monitor payments
  • Access Resources (books, programs, other services, etc)


FIRST VISIT Dream-Believe

    You will receive an email from me with your username and password. Proceed to the NEXT VISIT FOLLOWING ACTIVATION area below and follow the instructions in the email.

    If you are requesting a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION please register as a new client (using the "Register Now" link above). Once you have registered I will need to activate your client access. This process could take up to 48 hours so thank you for your patience. An activation email will be sent to you.
  • After you receive your activation email, follow the steps in the NEXT VISIT FOLLOWING ACTIVATION area below and fill out the Discovery Form
    • Please understand any information is extremely confidential and never shared.





1. Click "Login" to enter your username and password.

2. Click on the "Forms" Menu to access and complete the Welcome Packet Forms: Client Profile, Discovery and Goals.

3. Click on the "Agreement" Menu and review our coaching agreement. Please print this for your records.

4. Click "Calendar" to schedule your appointments within the designated block of "Available" time according to the terms of our coaching agreement.

5. Payments can be made online through my secured payment processing option.



Access to the Session Strategy Form – the day before each coaching/hypnotherapy appointment, you will receive an email reminder.  At the bottom of this reminder will be a link for you to access and complete the call strategy form.  

Benefit:  maximize the effectiveness of our time together.

Make It HappenAccess to the Calendar – at any time you can review the calendar for upcoming appointments, and/or reschedule appointments.  I’ll be notified immediately if any changes are made to existing appointments, so help yourself if you need to change any appointment information.

Benefit:  no email tag/phone tag to move appointment dates/times.

Update Forms – at anytime during our coaching process you can update your information on any of the forms within the system.  

Benefit – I, as your coach/hypnotherapist, will always have the latest information to fully support you in achieving your goals.

NOTE:  be sure to click on the “Save” buttons when you enter or update any information on the forms so the system captures your data.


  • Check out the "Documents" available to you under the Forms Tab
  • Discover helpful "Resources" within the Resources link above.  
  • Access any Archived Newsletters within the "Newsletters" link above


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